SCTW Published In APICS Magazine

SCTW Published In APICS Magazine

Steve Johanson, the CEO of Supply Chain Toolworks, published a landmark article for APICS Magazine’s July/August 2010 Issue.  This article explored the management of Service Level and Inventory as a single Key Performance Indicator.

Supply Chain Toolworks (SCTW) continues to espouse their cutting edge yet practical angle of Operations Strategy Planning.  Steve Johanson’s article, “Managing Troubled Waters,” was the cornerstone thought piece in APICS’ July/August Issue.  This article provides both a diagnostic and instructive guide for operations executives and managers.  It shows them how they can take two of their critical key performance indicators, Service Level and Inventory Levels, and manage them simultaneously as a unified key performance indicator. Steve applied SCTW’s extensive experience in cutting costs and improving performance in the food and process industries as case studies in this article.  The premise in this article and the basis of SCTW’s success is that strategic planning, good analytics, and disciplined execution are essentials of Supply Chain Success.\r \r  \r \r APICS magazine featured this article on the cover of the issue and is sponsoring a Webinar where readers can hear more about this topic and ask the author questions.  You can attend this webinar by following this link:\r

About Supply Chain Toolworks:

Supply Chain Toolworks, Inc. provides the next generation of Operations Strategy and Planning solutions to manufacturers. It was founded by core team of operations experts with practical experience helping Chief Operating Officers, Vice President’s, and Directors achieve real, strategic change in their organizations.  Supply Chain Toolworks focuses on creating new methods and tools for creating high impact Operations Strategies.

Our Philosophy:

We believe that human knowledge and intuition is still the best tool to create a strategy — that the “sandbox” approach of leveraging human and computational strengths will always beat the “black box” solution derived by blind computer optimization.

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